Legacy Knives

Legacy Knives carry the memory of a loved one with you.

Legacy knives start with a t-shirt, stuffed animal, jacket, pants or even the sock monkey of a loved one that you are willing to part with, knowing it will forever be in the handle of the knife. We take the material and through a super secret process embed it into the handle of the legacy knife. The sheath can also be customized to honor your loved one. This way you will always be able to carry a part of your loved one or loved ones with you.

Choose the item that you want incorporated into the handle of the knife. Get creative! Material works best but we can incorporate some hard items (like the eye from this sock monkey). You can use a shirt, pants, hat, blanket, apron….and the list goes on. You can choose one item or multiple items from multiple loved ones to incorporate into the handle.

We then cut up the item…you won’t be getting it back in the same shape you gave it to us.

The knife making and sheath making process begin. After many layers, shaping, sanding and a few prayers, the knife and sheath are ready to be sent to you. Yes, that is the eye of the sock monkey incorporated into the knife handle.


These were some of the first legacy knives made and boy what a legacy these men have left. These knives contain material from a great-great-grandfather that served in WWI, a great-grandfather that served in WWII, grandfather and creator of legacy knives and their father, a 25-year law enforcement officer. Knives that cover 4 generations and will be cherished and passed on.

THE first memory knife that inspired the process. Grandpa Mann served in World War I in the Red Arrow Division. This knife handle was made using portions of his uniform and the sheath was made to mimic the uniform, stripes and the “red arrow” that the division was known for.

Sibling rivalry never ends, you and your brothers want dad’s old hunting hat, but who should get it? Wait, don’t fight over it, have it made into the handle of three knives. One that you can keep and two that you can give to your brothers.

Ken was a wonderful grandfather that farmed and did carpentry work. His granddaughter wanted a legacy knife that incorporated a few of his shirts. We were able to incorporate Ken in a number of different ways in these legacy knives.

Our Veterans sacrifice a lot for us and their loved ones. This knife was a tribute to a friend to thank him for his service.

It’s always hard to lose a loved one. These knives were made using a favorite shirt and hunting jacket and gifted to the kids in memory of Jerry’s legacy.

Hunting and fishing were a big part of this father and son’s relationship and this knife was made as a memory of a son gone too soon.


Legacy Knife Cost – $175.00 + s&h

There are a few things that you can do before contacting us to order a legacy knife.
1) Think about who you are wanting to honor through the knife and what items you have and are willing to part with. As stated above cloth items work best, however, we can work with some smaller hard objects. You can incorporate a number of items.
2) Think about the knife sheath. Chris will be asking you for thoughts on the color of leather or if you want a name, initials or design on the sheath.
3) You will need to pick out the shape of the blade you want made. See below for blade options.
4) Take a deep breath. You don’t have to have all of this decided when you contact us. We will help you narrow down what you are looking for.
5) Email jcmann@newnorth.net and include Legacy Knife in the subject line. We will get back to you as soon as possible.