About Us

How it all began

Grandpa Earl Arnold Mann and two of the many knives he made.

Do you have a memory that you don’t really know when it began, it was just always there? I have that with Grandpa Mann. He always made knives, 5:30 in the morning he could be found in the garage making knives, hundreds of knives were made through the years. Fast forward 45 years and time with grandkids became a priority. During one of those moments a grandkid ran up with a handful of old railroad spikes and asked what could be done with them. A memory of knife making surfaced and the decision was made to honor those memories with making a knife, it was a failure only in that the knife didn’t work but the memories created will last. Fast forward another year…have you watched Forged in Fire? No!! You have got to check it out! We have spent many evenings watching episodes of Forged in Fire and after watching numerous episodes Jim decided he had to figure out how to make a knife. The first knives were made for family members as gifts. We all know you can’t give someone just a knife so Chris put her creativity to work and learned how to make sheaths while Jim learned how to make a knife.

After conquering the basic knife with a wooden handle Jim decided to take it to the next step and created a process of incorporating items from loved ones into the handles. After many practice runs for family and friends these knives are ready to be made for you and your loved ones.

The Shop

When you were a kid did you wonder what a mad scientists lab would look like? Well wonder no more. Through the years Jim and Chris’s basement and house has been home to a wood working shop, a rosemaling studio, a sewing room, a wood shed, game room and now a knife making shop and leather working studio. The house may be exhausted but Jim and Chris are ready to create.